Doraville , GM Jobs, South Korea & DaeWoo

Monday, November 21, 2005

 DEE-ANN DURBIN, AP Auto Writer.  "DETROIT - General Motors Corp. will eliminate 30,000 manufacturing jobs and close nine North American assembly, stamping and powertrain plants by 2008 as part of an effort to get production in line with demand.
 GM has been crippled by high labor, pension, health care and materials costs as well as by sagging demand for sport utility vehicles, its longtime cash cows, and by bloated plant capacity. Its market share has been eroded by competition from Asian automakers led by Toyota Motor Corp. GM lost nearly $4 billion in the first nine months of this year. "
Sad news for my boys at the Doraville plant. They began a production slow down in August, and they will cease production at the end of the currents products life cycle in 2008.  
Now, although people are debating the war in Iraq. The pressure should also be on Bush to come back from his Asian tour with a gameplan to stop our American powerhouse employers like GM from closing plants and laying off so many Americans.
Like I said before...although we love Wal-Mart.  But as a Christian, I will not support it this year, but it's position with South Korea is in a proportionate ratio with American job loss. Remember GM Daewoo have plants in Asia(South Korea) and Wagner just met with Watanabe this month to create a Toyota/GM alliance:
"As a way to raise restructuring funds, GM sold 8.7 percent of the 20 percent stake it holds in Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. to Toyota in October for 35 billion yen."

Good thing I speak Japanese. Now if I can sit down long enough to learn Mandarin. I'll be good to go. What about you?

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Barbie in Trash

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Samantha Burns has me rolling out of my chair over here, because she has featured the most realistic Barbie Doll she has ever seen. You have to click over there and see her for yourself. 
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Blogger & MS Word

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

 Now you can use Blogger right within Microsoft® Word. Just download and install the Blogger for Word add-in and a Blogger toolbar will be added to Word allowing you to edit, save and manipulate your posts inside an easier format.
Currently, I use Qumana to create my blog posts. I like it alot, because all my eight blogs can be managed by one click. However, I may try this add-on feature out for my Girl Scout blog, so that my troop committee can create posts easily, since they are not familiar with blogging. If you try this, please come back here and tell me what you think about it.
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