6 Catch and Release Questions

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

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Gospel Fiction is not a political site, but I need to ask some questions that have been sitting on my chest since last night about Bush's immigration reform address. Maybe you can help me. so that I can return to plotting my novel.
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The border should be open to trade and lawful immigration and shut to illegal immigrants, as well as criminals, drug dealers and terrorists.
1. We have more documented terrorists coming in from Canada, than Mexico. So why aren't any troops guarding the Canadian border?
It is important for Americans to know that we have enough Guard forces to win the war on terror, respond to natural disasters, and help secure our border.
2. Where were these 6, 000 troops during Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma? Why didn't Bush think it was imperative for those troops to stop the terrorism in the SuperDome? And why aren't troops helping out in New England this week with the floods?
More than 85% of the illegal immigrants we catch crossing the southern border are Mexicans, and most are sent back home within 24 hours...
3. a. Border Patrol catches 85% of 12 million illegal immigrants. Where are the other 1.8 mil coming from? Remember Cubans become legal the minute they step foot on American soil. Haitians and their boats are returned courtesy of the Navy National Guard. So who's left? Who's here without papers?
More than 85% of the illegal immigrants we catch crossing the southern border are Mexicans, and most are sent back home within 24 hours...
3. b. And what about the ones that are not caught? The ones that fly in on commercial airliners? The ones that come through from Canada? How many illegal immigrants do Border Patrol never see?
As a result of these actions, we have ended "catch and release" for illegal immigrants from some countries.
4. If you're stopping the catch and release system for some countries, then why not all? Who are we letting stay here? Cubans? Irish? Saudis? Pimps at the Watergate Hotel?
"...the US will not militarize the border..."
5. Will Georgia have to send Presidente Fox an invoice for jailing the 85% caught illegal immigrants here like the sheriff did in Oregon?
This program would match willing foreign workers with willing American employers for jobs Americans are not doing.
6. What jobs are we not willing to do? My aunts cleaned homes for sixty years and made $25 a week the entire time. It is illegal to pay a citizen wages that low. Yet they took those jobs because that was the only job most black women in South Georgia could get. What jobs are we not willing to do? Laying asphalt? Mowing lawns? Turning fries at McDonalds? Babysitting? Working without benefits? Working under the table? Come on. We all know someone in our family that does at least one of those. So what jobs are we not willing to do?
It is a myth to believe that these laborers are working for less than minimum wage. In Georgia Mexican laborers are not They are making upwards of 9-15 an hour cash money. I know this because--I can't tell you why I know this. :) But you can ask any contractor that employs them and they will tell you that these men and women are compensated well. The reason businesses say that they are hiring them is because they work faster and harder than most Americans, not that we won't do the work.
Unfortunately, I do not agree. I think this problem along with many other problems in our country have become to big to hide anymore. I think there are too many illegals in this country. I think race is still an issue in this quasi-Christian country and the demon behind this melee. I think it is sad that Mexican illegals are being singled out, while Mexican and other Latino citizens are being ill-treated because of it. My daughter's father is Puerto-Rican and my fiancee is from Panama, both are legal, second generation Americans. Both not treated well in this country. But neither am I...and my grandma Annie was Native American and my Grandaddy Frank fought in WWII for a country that didn't treat him like a citizen, because he was the son of slaves. So I'm waiting for your answers, to give me a better view of this reform bill before I send a letters to Senator (GA)Saxy Chambliss.
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