#1 Olympia Vernon's Logic

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Olympia Vernon's Logic Posted by Hello

This year Olympia Vernon made the top list again with her second novel, Logic.


The words are magnetic, moving, supernatural, each word means more than I can express. Read this book.

The others.

2.Camilia's Roses by Bernice McFadden- My favorite lines. "Hope was everywhere in that small place few had heard of; resting in the dawn of each new day, in the blue jays’ song and seen in the young eyes of the laughing children that played tag around the massive barks of the African tulip trees.

Almost perfect."

Almost #1. Superb writing.

3. Love and Death in Brooklyn by Glenville Lovell. Blades Overstreet is brooding, sensual, poetic and Americana. I can't talk about Lovell's work enough.

4.Better Than I Know Myself by Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant. These women can write. Carmen had me at page one.

5. Lemon City by Elaine Merge Brown. "If Harry was going to die, it was a good thing he picked a holiday." Great first line that sumizes the entire book. Great writing.

6. Truth be Told by Victoria Christopher Murray. Strong heroine with much brass and God's armor. Love it.

7.A Woman's Worth by Tracey Price-Thompson. Her Alabama slices of life remind me of my swamp water hometown and her guts to tackle the issue of female circumsion should be commended.

8.The Man in my Basement and Lil Scarlett. Walter Mosely. Surprise! I didn't add these two books to my earlier list. But baby, I'm a big-huge-Mosely fan. Easy Rawlins-Lil Scarlet. Always at the top of my list. The Man in my Basement--historical, psychological, a classic. Walter is a prose genius.

9. The Hamptons by Linda Dominique Grosvenor. Always sharing a new side of life, always elegant.

10. The Dew Breakers by Edwidge Danticat. Read post on this great book.

Honorable mention- Leaving Cecil Street. Great book, but I wanted to highlight some other genres.



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