Lady Chisholm bids Adieu...for Now

Monday, January 03, 2005

Congresswoman Shirley Anitia Chisolm, (1924 - 2005)
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Shirley Chisholm, the first black woman elected to Congress and an outspoken advocate for women and minorities during seven terms in the House, died Saturday near Daytona Beach, friends said. She was 80.

MSNBC Speaks on Congresswoman Chisholm's death.>

My thoughts...

Too many good people are going home early in 2005. See my homage to NFL's Reverend Reggie White. Tsunami's I can deal with but, the lady and the Rev within seven days--I shudder. I shudder. What's next? Locusts?

Let me just say that Shirley Chisholm is my superwoman hero--the person I aspired myself to become when I ran for highschool and college political office. She paved a way and we need to run through it now more than ever.

Never missing your spirit, we'll meet again in Heaven.

-Running to see what the end gon' be



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