Cupcakes, Hoolahoops and My Birthday

Saturday, February 05, 2005

It's My Birthday Posted by Hello

February 3, 2005. My twin brother, David and I celebrated our 32nd Birthday.

The most asked question that day was: "Do you feel any older?"

I guess once you past a certain age--let's say 29--your friends and family start talking to you about aging. Perhaps as a coping mechanism for themselves. However I don't feel like coping; I feel like dancing!! Five years ago my doctors thought I wouldn't live through the night let alone five years.

This year alone I am preparing my four year old for kindergarten, planning a disney cruise/wedding, increasing my workout, and completing my novel-The Gospel Diva's Chicktionary. So I guess my answer would be...NO! In fact I'm feeling younger than ever.

If you share my sentiment, head out to Walmart buy a hoolahoop, a goldfish, and some cupcakes and remember me.

Runnin to see what the end gon' be,



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