Fight Club Author, Chuck Palahniuk sent me a Valentine/birthday Package

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Fight Club a Novel Posted by Hello

Yesterday my fiancee sent me a Valentine, and my author mentor, Chuck Palahniuk sent me a package! I must admit. I was more excited about my package, then the love letter. Let me correct you. Chuck lives in marital bliss, so it was not that kind of package. And I love the G-man, my betrothed.

What did Chuck send me?

1. A two page letter reminding me of 2005 goals, how he would like me to approach my writing and description of a gift he made for me. (I'm blushing.)

2. A handmade beaded necklace made by Chuck that includes a light blue tear drop agate, semiprecious stones, sodalite, rose quartz,and real pearls. Near the clasp there Chuck wrote a message in the necklace with the beads "For Davidae Stewart by Chucky P." (Too much!!)

3. And autographed copy of The Fight Club with Brad Pitt(my onscreen crush) on the cover.

4. a lavendar beany bunny that I keep by my computer.

5. A valentine stamp kit for my daughter, Selah. She used it to make her PreK class Valentine cards.

6. A gag gift. (not telling that one)

7. a box of Whitman chocolates

8. more chocolates

9. a rubber ducky that my daughter took with her into the bathtub last night.
10. candles for my birthday(it was on the 3rd)

11. a packet of forget-me-not seeds(He didn't know that I love to garden, but we must be kindred spirits)

12. more candies and heart erasers.

All the gifts had me bouncing around like a firefly yesterday, but the most important thing was the letter. At the end of the letter he says:

"Long story short, I made this for you, bead-by-bead, to demonstrate the "Denny" metaphor from my book Choke . How all big projects(--like writing every day--) are just a lot of small tasks done job-by-job. Word-by-word. Moment-by-moment. And to demonstrate how your greatest "talent" can be stubborness and just not stopping...

So I got to get after it and write the rest of today.

Writing to see what the end gon'be ...



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