My Right to Vote

Monday, August 29, 2005

Tomorrow my county has an election and today we've been told that there has been a change in our qualifications to vote.

According to Don Plummer of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, "The U.S. Justice Department on Friday approved House Bill 244, which created one of the most restrictive voter identification laws in the nation...the rules for a Gwinnett County special election to be held Tuesday are changing in midstream due to last-minute approval of Georgia's controversial voter ID law. Voters will have to carry photo identification and will not be able to vote by absentee ballot on Monday, though they earlier received notices that they would, Gwinnett election officials said Saturday."

These changes offend me for two reasons. (1)I'm disabled, so I often use absentee ballot, and (2) having to have two forms of ID seems racially suspect.

Why racial, Dee? Please don't pull out the race card, Dee. Well...maybe I should pull the new immigrant card(as I am not a new immigrant, so I can appear non-biased. wink wink.) In order to vote tomorrow, you must show a state-issued photo ID. I have a drivers license, a state ID and an old GSA tag, if need be. But most non-drivers(Atlanta is the kind of town when you don't need to drive, because of the MARTA transportation system and you can walk or ride your back. It's that kind of city, so everyone has a driver's license. And some who do, may have lost theirs and had it taken away for driving, while taking Zyrtec. And there are some that aren't supposed to be in the states, but get free medical care and free public school education just like any citizen. So there are some georgians/hiding out georgians walking amongst us without state ids. You know...And then there are some who don't have state I, because they can't afford the ten dollar charge. Yes. In America, particularly in rural Georgia or project Georgia or college Georgia that can't spare ten dollars. If you've been in college, you know what I mean. ten dollars is the difference between a twelve pack of Top Ramein, a 2 liter sprite, a week of laundry, and 2 gallons in the tank. Ten dollars for a voter loving college student is hard. And you don't have to have state ID to use the college bank just your college id. Now if you attend state college--smile--then your id constitutes as a state id. But if you were like me and you attended a private ivy league institution(that's why you don't have ten dollars to spend) then your id is null and void outside of the campus walls. An old friend, Tyrone Brooks wrote a scathing opposition letter to this new law. But, of course, our justice department doesn't care about our justice. Thank goodness, I can vote. I hope you can, too.


TS said...

Georgia passes voter registration laws that might be racist. I'm shocked! Simply shocked. Who would have thought?


6:08 AM
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