Search & Arrest: Hurricane Katrina

Thursday, September 01, 2005

I've tried to only keep my comments to linking Hurricane Katrina relief organizations on my blogs, but I just saw something that singed me hotter than pressing irons on the back of my ear. On my local CBS channel in Atlanta I just saw two children being arrested in Louisian for taking food. Now I don't believe in stealing, but I don't agree with those two kids being treated like hard criminals. People need food, shoes, pamper. And I might be wrong, so please correct me, but the Red Cross and Salvation Army needs more help. I don't want to hear no political baloney. I don't want to hear a reason to justify why hungry children should still be hungry when we can drop food and relief to other countries' children. I don't want to hear why people are still sitting on house roofs waiting to be rescued, but can't be rescued because the sheriff's are arresting pamper thieves. And I'm really upset with the looters taking televisions out of stores. There's no electricity. And they should've been trying to find those kids some food.




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