NAACP loses Mfume

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

NAACP President and CEO Kweisi Mfume plans to step down as the head of the nation's oldest and largest civil rights group today. Thus, I will step down from my soapbox in silent protest after I share a few thoughts on the matter...

Mfume planned to serve in this position for five years, but stayed on for an extra four. So what did he do during his tenure? He put the NAACP back in the black(no pun intended. The organization was 3.2 mil in debt before he took over), saved it from becoming a dinosaur, increased young membership and made the organisation timely and relevant again instead of the classicist, obstracised instititution that it was prior to 1996. (Oh Cosby still a member? Maybe I spoke to soon. Anyway) The NAACP is made such a stronger stance for black issues in the past nine years that the IRS is breathing down its back for making comments about the Bush Administration, thereby threatening its tax-exempt status. See in America. You don't have to pay taxes, if you keep your thoughts to yourself. Or as the Oct. 8th letter that the Louisville, Ky IRS office sent to the NAACP: "leaders cannot make partisan comments in official organization publications or at official organizational functions." So how do Right Wing Christian organization's get around this loophole? Hmmm... As a conservative Christian I would like to know that answer myself. And Bush refused to meet with the NAACP before the election, proving that he never needed their vote in the first place or ensuring that Right White America wouldn't back out of supporting him if he did.

What has our America come to when we continue to stay segregated if itsn't church, politics, race or class? What has our America come to without a strong black civil rights leader barking down its back? Where is the America I love, and Mfume , could you please reconsider?

I guess a better print out this downloaded pdf NAACP membership form and strap up my boots. The next decade is sure to be a hard road to climb. Might as well take a nine year stint, then see what the ends gon' be.

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